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I am lucky enough to be exhibiting at Iydea again during the Brighton Festival.

This time it is all handmade darkroom prints, from film negatives shot in manual, medium format cameras.  This includes some large prints nearly two feet square and prints onto canvas using liquid emulsion.

“I feel like I’m swimming against the tide.  In a world drowning in throwaway digital images I seem to have fallen in love with the old craft of photography.  The cameras are beautiful – amazing machines built to last.  It slows you down.  It makes you look with different eyes.  And for me there is something about the results, printing straight from the negative, with my own hands, no digi-anything.  It’s special.  I am actually making photographs.  Making these unique physical objects out of light and silver. The end-point isn’t when I open the shutter, it’s when someone hangs a print they love on a favourite wall.”

Come and drop in if you are passing.  The food is excellent and I would love to know what you think of the work.

Exhibition closes on 27th May.

Dali Pier

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