Lo-Fi Photo Fun!

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I’m dead chuffed to get my copy of Adam Bronkhorst‘s new book “Lo-Fi Photo Fun”.  It was great to do some DIY film developing with Adam and he also included a couple of my photos in his book to illustrate infra-red film photography and home colour film development.

Adam has a new book out...

Adam is the warmest guy you could hope to meet – and an outstanding photographer too.

The book is quite inspirational, has some fabulous pictures in it and gives all the camera/film combinations for the shots so you can go out and try it yourself.  So if you are looking to get creative with toy plastic and film cameras, do try to get hold of a copy.

...and I'm in it!

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  1. adam bronkhorst

    Ha ha ha

    I’ve only just seen this, thanks so much for the kind words. It was such fun doing the book with you and I loved spending the day with you in the dark room.


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